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GM series High-temperature sterilizing oven

>> Descriptions
This dryer is suitable for GMP management in pharmaceutical industry to sterilize and dry medicines and appliances.
Through our accumulated experiences to producing various kinds of ovens over the past thirty years, plus the foreign experiences and domestic requirement of GMP, our factory provides you with reliable GM100 series products which are designed and manufactured meticulously, and had the reputation in medical and pharmaceutical industries.

>> Principle
With heating resource of electricity, it can dry and sterilize under 250C for a long time.
Parallel flow of internal hot air to ensure hot air in effective space to be at Class 100 cleanness.
Operating temperature is program-controlled to automatically operating temperature.
Automatic control procedures are: heating - moist removing-temperature stabilizing - temperature lowering - stop machine etc., all of these are automatically controlled.
Detailed operations can be acquired on operating manual or via technical training.

Technical parameters:

Working temperature
Overall dimension(mm)
Effective space(mm)
Clean air capacity of fan(at 250℃)
Clean air pressure of fan(at 250℃)
Purifying grade of layered flow
Heating power
Temperature tolerance of control
Temp. difference between points
GM100-I ambient to 250℃ 1950 1300 2000 800 850 1100 1000m3/h 700Pa 100 13.5kw 800kg ≤2℃ ≤3℃
GM100-II 2150 1700 3000m3/h 24kw 1200kg