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YPG Series Pressure Spray(cooling) Dryer

>> Test
Because of different products have different drying technologies and particle rules, there is no single type of the spray drying machines that meet all kinds of different requirements. Now spraying is still regarde as a kind of technology. The test is the base of correctly choosing the types. The machine equipped by the "TAILEIKE" Company is used specially for the carry out the technological test of the materials.This kind of pragmatic manner helps us have completed many turn-key projects, such as: detergent powder, polymerized resin, white carbon, Mn3O4, soybean milk, lipase, sea cucumber Chinese traditional medicine and etc.

>> Flow chart

>> Descriptions
The material is sprayed into fine mist by nozzle on the top of tower. Follow the heat wind, the material is dried. The machine's characteristic is high collection rate, no stick onto the wall, energy saving, high efficiency, especially applicable for heat sensitive material.It's widely used in food, dyestuff, chemical industry and so on.