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FG Series Positive and Negative Two Grade Air Stream Dryer

>> Applications
The equipment is widely used for drying granules and powder raw materials from foodstuff, chemical, pharmaceutical and
construction materials industries. The products used this kind of equipment for drying are as follows; starch, glucose, fish powder, sugar, edible sugar, lees, feed, plastic resin, coal powder, dyestuff and so on.

>> Principle
The working principle is as follows: the drying of raw material is divided into two steps. First, raw material is dried with the mixing air of the tail air from the second dry and compensating hot air under positive pressure. The dried tail air is discharged to atmosphere. Second, the dried semi-finished product is carried to the second drying with fresh hot air under negative pressure. The finished product is measured and packaged. The used high temperature and low moisture tail air is used for the first grade drying. In this way the good circulating process is completed. The supplementary hot air may be adjusted freely. Therefore the machine has a wide application.

>> Technical parameters

Spec Unit FG0.25 FG0.5 FG0.9 FG1.5 FG2.0 FG2.5 FG3.0 FG3.5
Moisture to be evaporated Kg/h 113 225 450 675 900 1125 1150 1491
Power Kw 11 18.5 30 50 75 90 110 110
Occupied area m2 3.5×2.5 7×5 7×6.5 8×7 11×7 12×8 14×10 14×10
Heat efficiency % >60 >60 >60 >60 >60 >60 >60 >60