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QG Series Air Stream Dryer

>> Principle
It is equipped with fan that has the function of dispersing. So it is suitable for heat sensitive raw material specially. The impeller of fan with high speed can crush the wet and blocked raw material till dispersing. During the period of dispersing, it is stirring and mixed. Then the raw material and air are flowing in parallel. It's applicable for drying raw materials that are blocked cake but only surface moisture less than 40%. If the amount to be treated is large or the moisture required of finished products is less
than 60%, two grades drying can be used. If the moisture of raw materials is between 40% and 60%, the feeder is difficulty. It is necessary to adapt mixer. Through the method of mixing dry raw material into it to decrease the moisture of raw material. At this time, the total output of dryer will be decrease greatly. It is not suitable in economy. Therefore customer should remove the moisture using machinery method (centrifugal or press) so as to decrease its moisture as possible in order to guarantee the drying operation can be carried out freely.

>> Applications
The equipment can meet different needs of raw materials. Besides the mentioned raw materials in basic model, there are methaqualon, A.B.C intermediate, ABS resin, white carbon black, tea, catalyst of oxalic acid, promote agent m, d.m, catalyst, deposited carbon powder, N-acetylsulfanilyl chloride, p-aminosalicylic acid, p-phthalic acid, diethyl aniline, titanium dioxide, active carbon, sodium fluosilicate, ammonium sulphate, powder of silicon glue, synthesis resin, calcium polvsilicate, PP resin, aureomycin, sodium polaysilicate, oral glucose, sodium polysilicate, mine of sulphate, mine of phosphorus, BB blue, melting phosphorus fertilizer, tetracycline, ferric oxide, calcium carbonate, titanium/ferric mine, copper mine, powder of white potato, tail coal, stearate, zein, medicine, medical agent, ferric oxide, lees so on.

>> Technical parameters

Moisture to be evaporated(kg/h)
Occupied area(m2)
QG50 50 7 20 14
QG100 100 13 32 14
QG200* 200 21 40 15
QG250 250 24 64 15
QG500 500 43 96 18
QG1000* 1000 100 120 18
QG1500* 1500 150 200 20