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DLB Series Multi-Function Granulator & Coater

>> Descriptions
DLB Series Multi-Function Granulator & Coater is a new type of solid ingredients/ material preparation equipment, that integrates
granulating, coating, fluidizing and rotating granulating together. It is mainly applicable for granulating, pill making and coating inpharmaceutical,chemical, foodstuff and so on industries, such as granules to be pressed to tablets, or to be filled into capsules, granulesfor other Chinese and Western Medicine, solid drinks, especially controlled release capsules and granules.

Mixing: For various kinds of fluidizable materials, such as powder, granules, micro-granule etc. Because of multi-dimensional
movement(horizontal, tangent and radial direction), the mixingf effect is very good.
Granulating: Spray adhesive onto powder to produce granules with various diameters.

Coating: Efficient for to coat powder, granules and micro-granules.
Themal Material Coating: Suitable for coating powder, granules and micro-granules with thermal wax.
Spray Drying: Spray liquid or suspension onto powder so they should be dried.
Cooling: This equipment might also be used for cooling powder or granules.

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