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Tenet of enterprise: benefit the society, construct the future
The meaning of enterprise management is to realize manager’s ideal and ambition and provide quality commodity and long term service to customer as well as bear historical task to promote social and economic prosperity, do oneself, one team and one enterprise best to contribute to the society and humankind.
Not only TAILEIKE’s people manage simple spreading products and seeking benefit but also do TAILEIKE’s team effort and let everyone who loves society and dreams future improve life quality and achieve colorful life experience.

Quality target:
The quality is common language in the world and excellent quality is the prerequisite which makes customer satisfaction. TAILEIKE’s people regard excellent quality as idea and carry out strictly quality management system in the process of production, sale and service and also spark plug work quality of innovation, good faith, specialty, high efficiency in the process of team operation.
Enterprise that will manage perpetually can establish kindness and stable team and hold the advantage of continuous progress and provide quality commodity and long term service to customer further. TAILEIKE’s people do not eager for instant success and quick profits with 100 meters race and seek real perpetual management with the sprit of Marathon race.

a)First-pass yield of product nondestructive test ≥90%;annual growth rate 1%;
b)First-pass yield of submitted finished product test ≥ 96%,annual growth rate 0.5%;
c)Customer satisfaction rate ≥90%, annual growth rate 1%;